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DM’s Guild

Dungeon Master’s Guild is the perfect place for anyone who wants to lose themselves in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. The DM’s Guild logo is the key to adventure and fantasy in a truly social setting. One of my favorite places on the internet. Just click on it.

These are just an example of what I submit to the DM’s Guild website. If you have a campaign already running and just need some random dungeons and outdoor encounter areas to add to the spice then I have 2 full volumes of such random dungeons all focusing on the undead available for download at the DM’s Guild. check it out for some great time saving areas generic enough in background to fit into any currently running campaign cover levels from 1 to 10.

Click this link for a full listing on dmsguild.com

Articles and Short Stories

I have written more than a few articles since I started writing and publishing on a site called hub pages. Click the link above for a full listing of viewpoints, discussions and short stories. Click to go to Hubpages to see a full list of articles.

Are you a collector of Sports memorabilia? I am liquidating my entire collection of hockey cards (well over 10,000 of those including multiple sets) as well as figurines and other collector’s items. I have included some samples here…simply use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send me a message if you are interested in knowing more. Prices are set according to current book value and are negotiable.

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