Robin Olsen

A Computer Information Technologist and amateur writer and creator of magnificent adventures for anyone living in the D&D world!

‘Reality is not a drug to be smoked occasionally


Life can be interesting…

From Rants to short stories and articles addressing technology and society. Pictures as well. You can see some of it here on

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I have written many stories and modules for dungeons and Dragons play. They are exclusively available on

Professional Services

After serving my nation in the armed forces with the U.N and NATO operations I turned to the IT industry and in almost 25 years of IT experience, I have contributed to numerous projects that helped businesses grow in capability while maintaining a manageable level of affordability. IT is almost always a expense department in that it almost never directly generates revenue However, without it, revenue cannot be generated or be severely restricted at the least. I have become a bit of an expert at maintaining costs within IT while providing the best bang for the buck I can get for my organization.

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